Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back in the land of the rising sun

After speaking to Monica on the phone early in the morning, I jumped in the shower. I was suppose to go to Arlanda Airport in not more than 40 minutes, but I had still not finished packing.

I threw all remaining stuff in the suit case while sipping on my caffe au lait, looking at the clock I realized its already 06.59, time to jet.

I called up my dear neighbour who had kindly offered to drive me to airport and asked if he was ready, he was, and so we jumped in the car.

A little bit of traffic was not what I was hoping for (already being slightly late and all) but we made it out on the high way and even passed by McDonalds for some coffee before arriving at Arlanda, just before 08.00.

He asked me if I smoked, and I said "No, I quit". I feel like such a bad ass sometimes, haha

We finished our coffee and I left through the big doors and headed for the check in. I checked in my luggage without any problems and continued towards the gate, when arriving it was only 08.30 and the flight was scheduled for 09.10 so I don't really see why I was in such a hurry, lol, I guess I'm always like that

I placed my big ass on row 4, Economy Extra, flying with SAS bound for Frankfurt. Had an enormous breakfast on board and 4 cups of coffee, lol

Despite the 4 cups of coffee I took a short nap. I mean, I had to use the advantage of sitting alone on all three seats, plus the fact that it was no one sitting behind me. I usually complain about leg space but this time I was more than satisfied

The service was great aswell, I was accidently handed a German newspaper that they thought I'd like to read, so I sat there and pretending to read lol Well, I kind of was reading though, but my German skills are extremely limited

I wish I could have said that it was a problem free flight but after maybe a couple of to many unpleasent and unwanted "shakings" (lol word?), especially those directly after take off, we arrived in Frankfurt 10 minutes earlier than planned.

The rain was poring down in Stockholm and it was really dull weather, but as I flew over Danmark the skies started to clear and I got a small glimpse of the beautiful scenery below.

Now I'm waiting for the connection flight to Tokyo. It's one of those big ass air crafts.

It's fucking gigantic. Called Airbus A380-800 and you can find it on the internet

I have been flying long distance a thousand times before but todays 11 hours is the absolutely longest one I think!

When the gigantic air craft was taking of it almost felt like it was so heavy that it couldn't fly.

It was better after a few minutes though of course, and I was lucky to have three seats for myself again (strange!), so I laid down and fell asleep almost directly.

Woke up an hour later and didn't know what had happened or where I was lol. Had an awful dinner and watched Kung Fu Panda 2 before going to sleep again.

Woke up in the middle of the night and decided to watch some more movies. I saw Unknown and Fast Five, and all of a sudden it was only 2 hours left!!

The wings of the air craft reminded me of a bird.

In Tokyo it had just past 8 in the morning when I arrived, but I got to my appartment first around 13.

Walking the last 500m from the train station home in 31 degrees was horrible. I was literally sweating like a greasy tourist.

Finally arriving, and the first thing I did after putting away my luggage while speaking to my room mate Pete drinking some ice latte was, of course, to write to Monica...

All this time I have been thinking about one thing. When I was waiting to board the air craft, when I was watching the movies, when I was eating, yeah, even when I was sleeping I only thought about one thing.

I found myself at moments just looking out the window, towards the sky. Because I am not thinking about what food to eat, or how much fun it will be watching sumo or anything like that.

What I yern for is not here.

She is somewhere else.

And I just want to see my baby again. So bad.


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